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The Farmer's in the Dell

As children we all played this game with "We all pat the bone" as the last line. However, memories of ending up being rather too vigorously "Patted" as the bone made us choose this version for NurseryTracks.

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The Farmer's in the Dell

The farmer's in the Dell, the farmer's in the dell,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the farmer's in the dell.

The farmer wants a wife, the farmer wants a wife,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the farmer wants a wife.

The wife wants a child, the wife wants a child,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the wife wants a child.

The child wants a dog, the child wants a dog,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the child wants a dog.

The dog wants a cat, the dog wants a cat,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the dog wants a cat.

The cat wants a mouse, the cat wants a mouse,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the cat wants a mouse.

The mouse wants a cheese, the mouse wants a cheese,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the mouse wants a cheese.

The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone,

Ee-i-derry-oh, the cheese stands alone.

Hey diddley dum dum brown bread!

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